Speaking with IndustryGamers yesterday, THQ's CEO Brian Farrell has said he believes "the market opportunity is there" for a THQ IP such as Homefront to reach Call of Duty-esque sales figures.

"If you go back and look at the original Call of Duty," Farrell said, "[it] didn't do 18 million units. The franchise was built over time, building a quality consumer experience and supporting it well. And hey, there's a lot of room between 2.6 million units [the amount Homefront shipped] and 18."

Farrell is keeping his options open, though, and optimistically believes that other THQ franchises beside Homefront also have the potential for similarly enormous growth.

"Certainly you can't count out Saints Row," he said. "We have a great opportunity this fall with that one as well. We have a lot of strong franchises; we're the market leader in off-road racing with MX [vs ATV] and we've established a great niche that we own in these creativity and art-based games with the uDraw series. We're still a leader in our real-time strategy games with our Relic Studio, and we're also building our Space Marine game, so we think it's the best line up in our history coming out over the next 24 months."

Farrell's choice of words speaks volumes about the attitude large publishers take towards their games: to him, they're commodities, "units" to be sold, rather than expressions of creativity or technical prowess. Still, he does have a business to run, and this philosophy certainly hasn't done Activision any harm with the Call of Duty series.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as THQ: Homefront Could Equal CoD