The magnificent Raspberry Pi mini-computer has inspired a lot of geeks to come up with practical and interesting uses, many of which take us back to yesteryear to relive nerd fantasies of the past.

Enter homebrew coder Patrick Aalto, who wants to bring classic PC gaming into today with the rpix86 DOS emulator for the Raspberry Pi. He created a virtual machine inside the operating environment (which the Raspberry Pi handles easily) that runs DOS within it.

Just like that, presto--you're back in 1995 playing games like Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Ultima Underworld, Mechwarrior, and other gems that modern-day gamers have only ever heard their parents talk about.

And as it turns out, this isn't Patrick's first foray into bringing retro gaming onto newer hardware. He previously made a DOS emulator for the Nintendo DS.

For classic gamers, the DOS emulation may be more than just a novelty: Most of the old stuff doesn't run on modern hardware (and hasn't for as long as a decade or more), and so going back to days of yore requires a DOS layer to work. The rpix86 download is completely free, and will run on your standard Raspberry Pi.

[Patrick Aalto via Engadget]

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