If you need to do a project for school, and also happen to have a lot of spare time on your hands, then maybe you should give stop motion a go. Seriously--because you can recreate something like Mario levels in paper, and it will look almost like the real thing.

That's exactly what Connor Wilson did for his computer class in high school. He put together his own Mario level, made entirely out of paper, using iStopMotion--software that makes creating and editing a stop motion video easier. Think of all those different objects that would need drawing and cutting! He finished the project off using iMove and Ableton Live.

You have to love the amount of detailing he's used here: even at the end of the level, Connor makes sure Mario completely misses the key jump to reach the top of the flagpole. Connor also seems to be doing a dash through the level, rather than trying to pick up all the goodies.

You'd need a lot of patience to do a project similar to Connor's. Just think of how many times you'd need to set up a scene just for one photo, and repeat. Still, the fun result is completely worth it.

[YouTube via Geekosytem]

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