A sassy new PR video for the Vita comes right out of the PSVita Developer Files. Titled "The Genesis," the short SCEA funded long commercial documentary, found on the PlayStation Blog, covers a lot of bases. First and foremost: the PS Vita is not a PSP 2.

The video talks up the development of the new hardware -- everything from Sony looking to bring handhelds into the future, the beauty of the 5-inch screen, the handheld's closeness to the experience of playing a game on the PS3, and the addition of a rear touch screen and dual analog sticks. They were smart to steer clear of discussing the unfortunately short battery life. It's downright impossible to describe three to five hours of play per two hour charge as anything but too damn short.

The PlayStation Vita will be available in the US, Europe, and Middle East on February 22, 2012. Who's buying one at launch?

Source: Game Revolution.