The sequel to CD Projekt Red's excellent RPG is releasing on May 17, and distributors are gearing up for its release with a variety of pre-order options.

The Witcher was one of 2007's best games for the PC, offering a deep action RPG experience with memorable characters and a moral consequence system that was rather less "black and white" than many comparable titles. Now, some four years later, the sequel is bearing down on us and some of you may be wondering where you should grab a copy from in time for its release on May 17.

The $129.99 physical Collector's Edition, available from a variety of retailers comes with the game, a soundtrack CD, the manual, a strategy guide, a making-of DVD, three papercraft figures, an artbook, a five-piece "poker dice" set, three stickers, a pack of playing cards, a pamphlet and coin as seen in the game, some DLC which varies by vendor, a marble-imitation head sculpture of main character Geralt, a tips book on cards and dice and a "Temerian Oren" - a coin as used in the game. Those who pre-order the Collector's Edition also get a "Roche Commando Jacket" DLC which boosts Geralt's sword-fighting abilities and is apparently one of the best items in the game.

Steam offers the game at 14% off its recommended price of $44.99. The "Digital Deluxe" version offered on Steam comes with "making-of" materials as seen on the Collector's Edition DVD, the soundtrack, a map of the game's world, a strategy guide, a manual, a representation of an in-game pamphlet and two papercraft dolls to print out and make.

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Good Old Games, CD Projekt's own digital distribution service, offers the game with everything from the Steam version along with six more papercraft dolls, a selection of avatars, wallpapers and behind-the-scenes photos and a choice of one of five games from GOG's catalog. The games on offer are Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Gothic 2, Realms of Arkania 1+2 and Realms of Arkania 3. GOG is also the only place you can currently pre-load 95% of the game, meaning that come May 17 you won't have long to wait to start playing. GOG's version is also completely DRM-free, though it requires registration to patch the game. GOG says it will update the game in "several months for users who do not care to register their copy."

In celebration of the new game's impending release, Good Old Games has also re-released the original game from 2007 for the sale price of $4.99 - this is cheaper than it is on Steam, at least for now, and also includes a bunch of goodies, including a soundtrack, calendar, artbook and a selection of avatars and wallpapers. The low price will last until May 24, after which it'll go back to being $9.99.

Wherever you might want to pick up The Witcher and its sequel from, there's a wide choice of goodies you can get your hands on, it seems.

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