Size Five Games has some excellent games under its belt, including hilarious point and click adventures Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! as well as sex-ed shooter Privates. Dan Marshall, head of the company, has now announced the developer's latest game: The Swindle.

"The Swindle is a Steampunk physics-based platformer that plays a little bit like Deus Ex mixed with Sonic the Hedgehog" said Marshall. "I wanted to make something no one's done before, and I?m pretty sure this fits the bill."

It'll be up to players to infiltrate facilities, hack into computers and steal cash before making good their escape. The Deus Ex comparison comes from the fact that players will be able to approach each level as they choose -- using stealth or action tactics. Money acquired during missions can then be spent on upgrading equipment in order to customize the player's character to fit their play style. Different combinations of equipment will also allow players to reach different areas.

The game will be available "when it's done" for Windows PC and, according to the developer, "assuming [we] can resist putting vaginas in it this time, hopefully Xbox 360." Follow Marshall on Twitter for the latest.

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