Some of the original developers of peculiar PC adventure game The Neverhood are currently negotiating for exclusive rights to re-release the game on modern mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. New developer Bazinga Studios is reportedly behind the new port.

Details on the port are scarce at the moment as the details of the licensing haven't yet been worked out. The campaign to bring the game back features an official Facebook page and Twitter account, though, so fans can stay up to date on the efforts to bring the game back.

For those unfamiliar with the 1996 original, The Neverhood was a point and click adventure created by Doug TenNapel, the creative mind behind Earthworm Jim. The animation was produced entirely using then-fashionable clay animation techniques, and the game scooped a number of awards including PC Gamer's Game of the Year and the World Animation Celebration (WAC) award for Best Animation Produced for Game Platforms. Its unusual soundtrack from Terry Scott Taylor is fondly remembered by fans, and the game did well enough to spawn a platformer sequel -- Skullmonkeys -- for the original PlayStation.

It's been a very long time since The Neverhood has been officially available, particularly for modern platforms. Assuming Bazinga and the team can get the licensing sorted out, it'll be a pleasure to revisit it -- or for younger gamers to experience it for the first time.

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