Warnings before reading: 1) This story is two days old; 2) This story was nicked from another website; 3) Sony 'fanboys' will find that steam comes out of their ears if they read this story. But it's a good 'un, so here goes anyway.

It's generally felt that the PlayStation 3 launch campaign isn't going entirely to plan. The hardware's pretty good (full review here), but the overall package isn't winning too many friends. Potential customers don't much fancy the Blu-ray functionality, there are problems with backwards compatibility, the asking price is getting frankly silly and PC Advisor's managing editor reckons the thing looks 'tawdry'. Oh dear.

And now it seems that a certain retail chain has been driven to desperate measures to drum up some trade in the machine. An employee of the company has written to the gaming website UK:Resistance (a website that, you will be shocked to hear, often employs blue language and posts pictures of girls), claiming his manager got staff to register fictitious PS3 reservations to put a gloss on the general lack of interest.

The reservation offer carried no obligation, and was entirely free - yet no one was interested. Everyone just wanted to buy the Wii (which was sold out), the Xbox 360, or a PC. I didn't know they sold PCs, actually.

Read the sordid details here.