The Bad

Pretty Much Everything Having to Do With Kinect

As we were barraged by one awful Kinect announcement after another, one Twitter follower (@funnydale) commented that Microsoft's motion platform has gone "way past Wii territory. I think it's quickly approaching the Sega CD level of lameness." At this point, I'm inclined to agree.

Admittedly, Dance Central 2 is pretty neat, but even the Sega CD had a gem or two. Dreck like Rabbids Kinect and Kinect Disneyland Adventure seem to be much more the norm these days, while Fable: The Journey is just downright embarrassing. Is this what Peter Molyneux has been reduced to? Making rail shooters?

What a shame.

Need For Speed: Quicktime Event Edition

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit brought some fantastic innovations to the racing genre, including the unique Autolog mechanic. For the follow-up, Blackbox is giving us... Quicktime Events. EA seems to be positioning at as some variation of 24, where the main character finds himself trying to escape cops and oncoming trains with timed button presses. Putting aside that the popularity of Quicktime Events went out with disco, it's just not a very good idea to mix on-foot anything into a pure driving title. Just ask the guys who made Driver 2.

The Host of the Ubisoft Press Conference

He beeped and booped while introducing "retro" versions of Ubisoft games. He liberally referenced outdated memes. He referred to something as being "epic fail" and came armed with buzzwords like "Gaming is Sharing." It certainly didn't help that the only really great thing to come out of his conference was Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations; but when your host is by far the most annoying component of your conference (moreso even than Rabbids Kinect), you have a problem.

PlayStation Vita and AT&T

iPhone users complained for years about Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T, thanks in large part to its awful infrastructure. The Vita isn't exactly the same was a phone, but the audible moans heard from the audience following the announcement pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject. As my esteemed colleague Will Herring said, "I can't wait for Uncharted: Call Dropped."

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