The Beatles music publisher, Apple Corps, is considering sanctioning a video game based around the mop-topped Scouse boy-band's back catalogue. (The Beatles, not Atomic Kitten.)

According to the Financial Times, MTV Games and Activision are battling it out for the right to create Beatles games. And given Activision's involvement, it's a fair bet that we're looking at some kind of Guitar Hero/Rock Band fun. (Remember to set Ringo's drumming to 'über hard', if you want any sort of challenge.)

The FT report reckons that Apple Corps is also contemplating dipping The Beatles' remaining toes into the mobile space.

Naturally, such willful throwing aside of shackles from Apple Corps will spark feverish speculation that The Beatles' music is finally about to surface on iTunes, along side its unwanted idiot love child: the solo catalogue of Sir James Paul McCartney MBE.

And although I love Apple Corps' cranky and illogical continual rejection of Apple Computer's advances, the economic potential of such a deal means it has to happen. There are some upsides, too.

If I have to sit through one more 'effortlessly cool' and ineffably soulless ad for Apple iTunes, featuring insipid, irritating, bed-wetting shoe-gazers who are this month's flavour of the day (mentioning no Coldplays), I'm gonna sharpen and throw a selection of vinyl records at my TV. Hard.

iTunes and Coldplay (and Macca's solo 'material') are a perfect match. Functional, pretty, safe. Dull. Dull as sin. With an irritating, sheep-haired, mung-bean eating, Alan Partridge-voice-toting 'singer'. (Granted, the last one may be more true of Coldplay than the others.)

At least when The Beatles are on iTunes, the adverts will have some decent songs, la.

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