When Bethesda brought out Horse Armor for Oblivion, people complained about its $2.50 price tag and its fundamental uselessness. Since then, DLC and additional content for games has been a controversial issue, with some gamers enjoying the ability to customize their games while others believe they're being "nickel and dimed" by publishers looking to squeeze even more money out of consumers post-purchase.

The growing free to play market makes all its money through microtransactions like this. Whether they be "boosts" which allow faster progression, vanity items that allow the customization of player appearance or additional level packs, dedicated players of free to play titles are often more open to the idea of purchasing content in this manner because they didn't pay anything for the game in the first place.

But what if that content cost $500? That's surely enough to give anyone pause, and surely no publisher would ever...

No, of course you already know where this is going: mobile developer Glu has incorporated an unlockable item into its Gun Bros iOS game which costs an equivalent of approximately $500 in virtual currency. "The Kraken" is the most powerful gun in the game, and costs 3,499 "War Bucks" to purchase. To put this in some sort of perspective, War Bucks can be purchased in packages containing between 5 ($1.99) and 710 ($99.99). They can also be acquired by clicking on ads and signing up for partner services. Either way, that's a lot of either wasted time or money to purchase an item which likely makes the game so easy you probably don't want to play it any more.

Makes Horse Armor seem a little more reasonable now, huh?

Thanks, Touch Arcade.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as The $500 In-Game Weapon