We like nothing more than some blood, guts and gore to liven up our video games. So we've rounded up the 15 most violent games of all time.

There's been a lot of controversy lately over rating video games with age certificates in a similar style to films. It's no wonder, when recent releases including MadWorld and Resident Evil 5 are some of the goriest ever.

While games such as these may not be suitable for children, there's something that adults just love about a bit of blood, guts and gore in their computer games. So with this in mind we've out together a list of what we think are the 15 most violent video games of all time. For the most part, this reads like a list of must-play games - if you have the stomach for them.

(To be honest, it was really difficult to narrow it down to the few titles here. Many games drip with... stuff... but we only had enough room and enough time to focus on some of the bigger ones.)

15. Night Trap

The big deal about Night Trap, when it first appeared on the Sega CD, wasn't the blood. That's because there was virtually none - it was all implied violence committed by people wearing reject 'gimp' outfits from Pulp Fiction. Worse still, it was implied violence taken out of context.

Really, Night Trap was just a so-bad-it-was-good movie that got chopped up (the film, not the heroines) into a choose-your-own adventure. But in that era, an interactive film with girls in lingerie was enough to make local councilors flip their collective lids. It was largely this game - and Mortal Kombat - hat helped spark the creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) in the US.

Gore factor: Zero pints of blood. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

14. Smash TV

Back in the classic arcade gaming days, there was a frantic shooting game called Robotron: 2084. You shot at colourful graphics on a simple black background; when you destroyed something, poof - it was gone in a series of triangles and pretty colours. In 1990, that idea got reinvented as another penny-gobbler - Smash TV, the world's bloodiest show. That hyperkinetic video game had players running around dodging bullets in order to win ‘Big Money! Big Prizes!'.

Gore factor: Two pints of blood. Body parts flew everywhere and after a while it was hard to figure out whose limb was whose. Mr Shrapnel would voluntarily explode, showering you with debris, while Mutoid Man - the half man, half tank - would try to run you over. And, of course, if you accidentally stepped on a land mine, a jumble of arms and legs would launch up at the screen.

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