Zombies, cars, and thieves - the crop of games coming this autumn has it all. Here's our guide to the titles we're most looking forward to.

As the nights draw in and long nights spent in pub gardens become less frequent, you may be wondering what you can do to fill all your spare time.

Well, with loads of excellent games due for release this aumtumn we guarantee you'll have plenty to do to fill up your time. We've rounded up the 15 most awaited games that are coming this aumtumn and sure to bring your console to life again.

Halo 3: ODST - ETA: September 22

For: Xbox 360

Finally, a Bungie Studios shooter without ol' tall, chrome, and incognito as the protagonist. ODST stands for 'Orbital Drop Shock Trooper', and that's what you'll play as in this Halo 3 prequel.

You'll trade jibes with the likes of Firefly's Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Alan Tudyk while scouring the ruins of New Mombasa (an African city ravaged in Halo 2) for intel on your missing squad mates. You'll sniff out items they've left behind (such as weapons) and experience their stories through flashbacks.

Also, while the gunplay and AI battles won't deviate from the experience in prior Halos, you will have the option to shuffle the campaign missions instead of slogging through the story, A to Z.

Dead Space: Extraction - ETA: September 28

For: Wii

This game is the prequel to Dead Space, the most unexpectedly riveting horror shooter in years. (I think it's even better than Capcom's Resident Evil 5.)

Dead Space: Extraction, from Visceral Games, is an exclusive gift to Wii owners. You play as another unfortunate space colonist fending off slobbering hordes of Necromorphs - violent aliens that assimilate human body parts (think 'Tinker Toys: Picasso Edition').

As you'd expect, the game makes ample use of the Wii Remote for aiming at aliens, scuffling with them, and slashing them to bits.
The one potential downer? It's a first-person 'rail shooter', meaning your movement is limited while the game drags you along a predetermined route.

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