Despite not having any native Japanese speakers on staff, Touch Arcade not only pieced together the details of Square Enix?'s new mobile RPG, but the possible English name, should the title come stateside.

Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi (or, "Warriors of Light and Darkness") is a rare breed in the Final Fantasy series, as the title was an episodic game that was only available as a mobile release in Japan. There's no clear word on if the game will be getting an English release, but considering how much money it would likely make in the App Store, you can pretty much bet on it. I'm guessing over $10, then a sale every month for 50% to start.

Keep in mind, this isn't Final Fantasy Legend, that other side series that was on Game Boy -- although a port of that would be totally babies.

[Source: Touch Arcade]