Research from Resolve Market Research obtained by IndustryGamers suggests that traditional gaming devices are not under threat from newer tablet devices such as the iPad -- in fact, the opposite may well be true.

When surveyed in 2010, 38% of respondents said that they would not purchase a portable gaming device such as a PSP or DS after becoming a tablet owner. This year, that figure dropped significantly to 26%. Games consoles followed a similar pattern, with 27% seeing no need for a games console after owning a tablet in 2010, with the percentage falling to just 14% this year.

Laptops suffer the most from the growing tablet market, however, with 32% noting that they wouldn't purchase a netbook or laptop after owning a tablet in 2010, rising to 42% in 2011. 58% of respondents said they would specifically choose a tablet over a netbook or laptop for the purpose of downloading and playing games. The picture isn't much rosier for e-readers such as the Kindle, either, with 53% now noting they'd be unlikely to purchase an e-reader after owning a tablet, compared to 49% last year.

Perhaps most significant, though, is the growth in gaming in general. 33% of tablet users who own gaming consoles or handhelds report playing games more often after picking up the tablet, and 13% claim to play "significantly more" games after acquiring the device.

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