One of the perils of accidentally releasing a buggy or development version of your game to the public is that said public will then take the opportunity to dig through the game's files in order to determine what is going on and how to resolve the problem if possible. Sometimes this can lead to the community making huge improvements to an otherwise fundamentally broken game. And sometimes this can bring things to light which were never intended to be seen, such as the original skill names for Dead Island player character Purna, found by Steam user AlexeiVasiliev and shared in this forum post.

It seems that one of Purna's skill names during development was "Feminist Whore." AlexeiVasiliev discovered this by digging through the default_player_setup.scr file within the game's Data0.pak data file. Sure enough, in the section which defines Purna's skills, we see "TeamSpirit1Purna," "SharpApprenticePurna", "TeamSpirit2Purna," "MeleeDurabilityPurna" and "FeministWhorePurna."

Conjecture among the Steam users on the thread suggests that this may have been the original title for Purna's "Gender Wars" skill, which offers her a damage boost against male zombies. Given the fact that none of the other skill definitions match the final skill names in the game -- "MeleeDurabilityPurna" became "Custom Maintenance," for example -- it's fair to say that this was never intended to be made public. However, the fact it was in there in the first place arguably shows something of a misogynistic attitude on the part of whoever put together the default_player_setup.scr file in the first place.

"Easter eggs" and in-jokes in source code and program files are nothing new. They generally aren't seen by the vast majority of consumers who make use of the product, but most developers should probably be aware by now that someone, somewhere will find all those little things that were supposed to stay hidden for all eternity. So referring to one of your player characters as a "feminist whore" probably isn't the best idea, because someone will spot it eventually.