2006's multiplayer shooter Warhawk is finally getting a sequel, and this time it's coming to retail, bringing a substantial single-player component with it.

Sony and Lightbox Studio have officially unveiled the sequel to 2006's Warhawk. Starhawk features both a single player campaign and 32 player multiplayer, along with a new "Build & Battle" mechanic.

In single player, you take on the role of Emmett Graves, a space miner infected with "rift energy," a powerful energy source which can be used for space flight, building and all manner of other cool things -- oh, and it is also fatal to humans. Except Graves, of course, who has a device that conveniently not only renders him immune but also allows him to harness the energy's power in an effort to save the galaxy from the Outcasts, this week's Evil Antagonist Force.

The team is said to be specifically trying to avoid the typically linear progression of most popular shooters, instead providing open, destructible (and constructible) environments for players to proceed through as they please. Players can also construct defensive structures and fortify themselves into a position, turning the game into an interesting variant on tower defense.

The "Build & Battle" mechanic carries across into multiplayer, too, with players able to acquire and use rift energy to construct bunkers, objects and vehicles. In many senses, well-coordinated battles will take on an element of collaborative real-time strategy as well as third-person shooting and vehicular combat.

Starhawk is set to arrive in 2012. Unlike its predecessor, which released on both Blu-Ray disc and PSN, Starhawk will be a retail-only title.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Starhawk Announced for PS3