The Star Control series is beloved among PC gamers of a certain age. The first game offered fun combat, but it was the second where it really hit its stride. Offering a genuine space opera experience and providing the sort of game that developers should really be creating using the Star Trek license, Star Control II remains a fantastic game to this day.

Star Control 3, conversely, wasn't quite so well received by dedicated fans of the series. A different development team and a change in presentation style to make use of the benefits that the new CD-ROM format offered caused many purists to believe that the game had unfortunately lost its way somewhat -- with many even believing the game to be "non-canon."

That's not to say it's a bad game, however -- simply that if you were expecting Star Control II in Super VGA, you might be a little surprised at the change in tack. The resource collecting and hyperspace exploration of Star Control II is gone, for example, replaced by Master of Orion-style base building.

If you missed the chance to try out the game for yourself first time around in 1996, then Good Old Games has resurrected it for you to try for yourself. At $5.99, it's certainly not a huge financial risk to see if the fan backlash was justified -- or if it's an entertaining game in its own right. And even if you hate it, Star Control II is still there in all its glory.

Check out Star Control 3 now at Good Old Games.

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