Ever wanted to put old PlayStation One classics like Suikoden II, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man Legends, and Rival Schools on your mobile device? Well, if you happen to be a crack reverse-engineering Android developer like Yifan Lu, that's not an unreasonable goal. He's currently enjoying a nice game of Crash Bandicoot, loaded right from a handy .ISO file.

Yifan Lu has an archive of details about it at his website, as well as notes on hacks of the Amazon Kindle and other similar projects.

For the less techno-speak-savvy, an .ISO file is essentially a compressed image of a disc that can be loaded, copied, and moved around as straight data. Many people use this method to share and backup their favorite PlayStation and Dreamcast games, although you can use the format to run games on a variety of hacked devices. Of course, it's all illegal if you don't actually own the games -- as is distributing them via torrent or anything else.

[Source: Engadget]