It seems that Sony's PSN online gaming network may have suffered yet another hack, or at least a problem with its security.

Just days after Sony finally got the network back online (it had been down since 20 April) a rumour circulated today that hackers were successfully changing people's passwords using only their PSN account email and date of birth, details that had been leaked in the earlier hack.

Gaming site Eurogamer claims it has seen "video evidence" of an exploit affecting the PlayStation Network password reset system.

Sony has taken the PSN login and password-reset page down "for maintenance", which means users who are trying to change their passwords following the recent security breach will be unable to do so. This may be unrelated to the rumoured exploit, but, the site that first revealed the exploit, says the page went offline "approximately 15 minutes after [it] received a response from Sony on the matter".

Nyleveia also made the following recommendation:

"I would suggest that you secure your accounts now by creating a completely new email that you will not use ANYWHERE ELSE, and switching your PSN account to use this new email. You risk having your account stolen, when this hack becomes more public, if you do not make sure that your PSN account’s email is one that cannot be affiliated with or otherwise traced to you."

PSN outage