Recently I mentioned a mate whose colleague was trying to make a fast buck, buying Sony PlayStation 3 consoles and flogging them at vastly inflated prices to his City banker mates.

At the time of writing, those same Sony PS3 games consoles (and yes Blu-ray drives, hard disks and shiny doorstops) had already dropped in price to their original price of £425.

Now, I reckon £250 would persuade me to part with cash for a PlayStation 3 but I thought that wealthy City types might shell out four hundred nicker for a PS3 which is, it has to be said, a cracking piece of kit (despite its hideous, hideous visage).

So I checked in with my mate today, and he was proud to report that the brand new Sony PS3s are currently selling for... £350, with no-one yet biting. Only £100 to go and, with any luck, I might make like Robin Hood and stealing from the rich to give to, er, me. So no, I'm not telling you where it's on sale.