It’s been billed as the best console ever produced (see our PS3 review), but potential buyers in the UK continue to grumble about the high price of the PlayStation 3 (PS3). At £425, it’s significantly more expensive than Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and so many bargain hunters have been playing a waiting game in anticipation of a major price cut.

One possibility budget-conscious gamers have been clinging to is that the 60GB PS3’s cheaper sibling, the 20GB version that’s available in the US, might launch on this side of the Atlantic.

But be prepared to be disappointed as it seems the cheaper PS3 (the 20GB model costs $499 in the US against the 60GB’s $599 RRP) will soon be no more. Sony said that despite the $100 discount, the 20GB PS3 proved unpopular among console fans in the States, with the 60GB model outselling the lower capacity version by ten to one. As well as the larger hard drive, the top-end PS3 offers additional storage media slots and Wi-Fi – features which apparently convinced dedicated games fans to pay the premium.

So anyone looking for a cheap PS3 will have to rely on UK retailers. Some outlets have already been offering small discounts, but bigger price cuts could be just around the corner as the hype surrounding the PS3’s UK release dies down.