Sony Japan has released details of the next two original games to be made available for the PlayStation 3 games console. The new PS3 games will be available this month in Japan.

The first new PlayStation 3 game will be released on 22 June. It's a brand new puzzle game entitled Piyotama ("Piyo" being the onomatopoeic word for the sound a baby chick makes, and "tama" meaning ball, or sphere). The majority of the gameplay is based on the manipulation of eggs that come in five different colours.

Players must move them left or right on the screen in order to connect them in a line of at least four. Once that happens, the eggs disappear and are replaced by a set of tiny baby chicks. Combos that lead to the hatching of multiple lines are welcome and, of course, recommended.

The second title is Star Strike HD, which will go on sale on 29 June. The game has already obtained the north American title of Super Stardust HD, and seems to emulate previously established dual-stick shooters like Robotron 2084, Smash TV and Geometry Wars. However, unlike any of the above games, this game's playing field takes place on a small sphere.

As for the story, gamers need to look no further than this prologue:
"Twelve years have passed by. The times have been peaceful and prosperous in the home solar system. Not a single sign of evil penguin Professor Schaumund or his sinister forces has been detected.

That is, of course, until today...

The Professor is back for the most ultimate revenge. You must defeat his forces and save your home solar system from total annihilation. Five planets are under attack. Your destiny is to save the home solar system, yet again."

Finally, the truth about evil penguins has been revealed.

No specific release dates for the UK market have been given, nor has there been confirmation of Piyotama's release outside of Japan, but GamePro will alert you to their release status as soon as Sony gives the word.

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