A few days ago, we published the stories of the Star Wars Galaxies fans petitioning to save their favorite game. Since then, Sony Online Entertainment has got in touch with us and issued the following statement to the community:

"The decision to shut down SWG is first and foremost a business decision mutually agreed upon between SOE and LucasArts, and is not a decision that we approached lightly or without very serious thought and examination. The free-to-play scenario was included as part of our research into alternative business models for the game; however, it could not be implemented. We've grown with the players throughout the years and shutting down the game is certainly not an ideal situation for us, but necessary regardless.

We thank our loyal players for their dedication to SWG over the past eight years. They are an integral part of what has made this game such a success from both a gameplay and community perspective. An MMO game like SWG is truly made by its community and while we're sad to see the game come to an end, we're happy that it was supported and played by thousands of dedicated fans who each and every day made the in-game experience one of friendship, teamwork and exploration."

A response is better than no response, at least, but it sounds like PR-speak and doesn't really say anything we didn't already know. We've responded to SOE to see if they'll go into any more detail about why free to play "could not be implemented" and why the game has to be shut down if it's "not an ideal situation."

No word from LucasArts as yet.