If the PlayStation 3 is currently sporting one huge advantage over the Xbox 360, it's that huge games fit more easily onto a single PS3 Blu-ray disc -- Xbox 360 games can use at least three DVDs.

Double disc packs were the case with Xbox 360 copies of L.A. Noire, Dead Space 2, and the upcoming Rage will be a whopping triple-disc set. Chalk up Battlefield 3 to that list, as you'll be doing a bit of swapping depending on how you play the game. Or maybe you'll just forget Disc Two exists after the first week and ta-da -- you've got a handy new coaster!

Eurogamer gets the lowdown from EA:

"Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360 ships on two discs with endless hours of spectacular high-definition gameplay," EA told us this afternoon.

"Disc one features the stunning multiplayer, co-op levels and HD installation content.

"Disc two features the superb single-player campaign."

[Source: Eurogamer]