Nintendo is going all in on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, they're so invested in their new platforms that the Wii barely rated a mention during their press conference.

So is the Wii dead? During Nintendo's E3 roundtable event, Shigeru Miyamoto did acknowledge that his team is getting ready to move on, though he wouldn't definitively say whether Skyward Sword will be the last Wii game developed by Nintendo.

E3 2011: So is the Wii Finished?

"From my perspective, I feel one of my biggest responsibilities is to be developing for the newest upcoming platforms," Miyamoto said. "So from my team's perspective, it's not the last but perhaps one of the last titles coming from our teams. And we do have some Wii titles we've not announced at the show on the way."

Skyward Sword producer Eiji Aonuma added, "Since we do have the [Legend of Zelda] 25th anniversary, I do want to make it the kind of game to close the Wii chapter on."

Even if Nintendo isn't quite finished with the Wii, they're getting pretty close. And given Nintendo's tendency to drop support for their platforms at the advent of a new generation, it seems like Skyward Sword has a very good chance of being the final Wii game developed by Nintendo.