SNK Playmore has announced that it's bringing three of its 80s arcade shooter titles to PlayStation Minis. Alpha Mission, T.N.K. III and Vanguard II will all be available today via the PlayStation Store.

Unlike SNK's NeoGeo Station titles, these games are from the years before the company's console hit players' living rooms. Alpha Mission and T.N.K. III hail from the arcades of 1985 while Vanguard II released a year earlier in 1984.

Alpha Mission, which later saw a sequel on the NeoGeo platform, sees players piloting the fighter ship SYD in an attempt to blow up stuff and save Earth. T.N.K. III sees players driving a tank in an attempt to blow up stuff and save the world. You can probably guess what Vanguard II involves. There's a lot of blowing stuff up, and if you enjoy 80s-era "blowing stuff up" action, then these titles are for you.

As PlayStation Minis, the three new games are primarily designed for play on the PSP but are compatible with the PS3 also. They cost $2.99 each and will be available from later today. They join their stablemates Athena, Guerrilla War, Hal 21, Ikari Warriors, Marvin's Maze, Ozma Wars, Sasuke vs Commander and Vanguard, also released as Minis earlier in the year.

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