"I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC." Well, you're both annoying.

And it's not just this opinion-forming blogger that thinks so. According to those crazy kids at Macworld, the 'cool' factor previously (and inexplicably) ascribed to the Macintosh personal computer has taken a beating ever since a set of adverts, starring popular comedians Mitchell and Webb in the metaphorical roles of an unreliable, nerdy PC and a trendy, insufferably smug Mac, started airing.

(For the uninitiated, 'PC' dresses in an unfashionable business suit and talks about spreadsheets and getting 'viruses', while 'Mac', kitted out in a variety of rather unpleasant 1990s tops, bangs on about 'doing fun stuff'. You know, to show that Macs are cool.)

As more than one commentator has pointed out, this is potentially a dangerous strategy. Firstly, because anything that advertisers say is cool instantly ceases to be so; and secondly, because David Mitchell ('PC') may be the nerdy one in the pair's comedy programme 'Peep show', but he is also the one with whom viewers identify. He is the everynerd; the lovable British loser. Robert Webb's character is basically Nathan Barley.

And now the figures are in, and the cynics were right. People now think that Macs are used by smug show-offs (however did they get that idea?), and the DJs and web designers have been driven off by the whiff of mass-marketing.

(Before the Mac fans start putting the boot in, I should add that I have typed this blog on a Mac. I am one of you, and I love many aspects of this shiny, intuitive, relatively secure machine. But I am not defined by the computer I use, and I hate smug adverts.)