Hungry for Hawke? Lusting after Anders? Drooling over Fenris? Then Molly "Jakface" Nemecek has just the thing you need -- an unofficial 2012 calendar featuring her distinctive, stylized drawings of the boys of Dragon Age. There's 4 days left to go before she sends off her order to the printers and she's already made over $7,000 -- some $6,000 more than she originally expected to make.

If you want a copy for yourself, head on over to her page on IndieGoGo and contribute $10, $20 or $30 -- or more if you like. $10 gets you a digital copy of the calendar. $20 gets you a digital copy plus a printed one shipped to you. And $30 gets you a printed copy with a personalized sketch of the hunk of your choice inside the cover.

If the boys of Dragon Age don't do it for you, don't despair, though -- Molly is planning a female version of the calendar after this initial (and only) run of the male calendars is done. Keep an eye on her Tumblog for the latest.

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