A widely criticised advert for Sony's PlayStation 2, in which the tagline advised male gamers to buy the PS2 console "because your girlfriend bores you shitless", is a fake, according to the company.

The advert, which shows a man failing to disguise his boredom while a female character talks to him, came under fire last week after appearing on the advertising website AdsoftheWorld.com. A feminist site discovered the advert and was predictably incensed, noting that "Sony seems to be on a mission to establish itself as the choice of sexist lads everywhere".

PS2 advert

But Sony, when contacted by PC Advisor, explained that the advert is not an official one for the PS2 console - and indeed the company denies any knowledge of its creation.

PS2 advert

"These adverts do not exist and were certainly not created by nor placed by Sony Computer Entertainment in India or anywhere else. I do not know where they originate, but there are some suggestions they have been created by a marketing agency to illustrate 'brand truths' - what brands would say if they were honest allegedly," said a Sony spokesperson.