Sony's PS3 (PlayStation 3) has been on the wrong end of a sales beating from Nintendo's Wii lately - but its PSP (PlayStation Portable) has historically stood up slightly better against the Nintendo DS. How has it maintained this position of mediocrity? By creating arty 'lifestyle' adverts with glamorous pictures of faux-lesbians, apparently.

playstation portable advert lesbians

Spot the PSP - if you can

Yes, that tiny gadget you can barely make out is a PSP, and that tangible whiff of zeitgeist-chasing desperation is coming from Sony and its now ideas-free marketing team. No longer considered cool? Thought of as the dull corporate monster to Nintendo's fun innovator? No problem: simply make a stupid advert that nobody understands. Because gamers love incongruous graffiti and pretty ladies in dresses, don't they?

Let's see another one, mind.

playstation portable advert lesbians

(We have put the word 'lesbians' in the Alt tags of these pics purely as a satirical swipe at Sony.)

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[Via UK Resistance]