Sex scenes in video games, such as those in Grand Theft Auto where players can visit prostitutes, is on the rise according to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

Sue Clark from the BBFC told Sky News: "On the whole, sexual activity in games is nowhere near as common as violence, but it is becoming more common".

This follows research by the BBFC and YouGov which revealed three quarters of parents are concerned about the content of computer games.

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The research also found that 79 percent of Brits also think that images in computer games affect children's behaviour while 82 percent thought rating games in-line with films would be an effective method.

Clarke also warned that bad language was becoming more prevalent in computer games.

"If you've got a film with one (swear word) in it, you'll hear that word once, but in a game you can go back and play that bit again and again."

The Byron report into child safety online and in video games, which was published last year, recommended that games for people of 12 years and over should come to the BBFC for classification.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is currently in consultation with parents and the gaming industry, and plans to set out classification guidelines later this year.

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