Online reviews site Reevoo has compiled its list of the ten worst computer games ahead of tonight's BAFTA Games Awards.

According to its press release, the website "analysed nearly 8,000 reviews from genuine purchasers" to compile its list. Based on its research, Revoo has given the dubious honour of number one worst game to Sega Superstars Tennis. Reviews on the site labelled the game "poor" with one reviewer saying "the characters are very difficult to control using the Wii remote", while another said: "I only played it once, [and now] it's in a drawer somewhere...".

Disney's teen-fest High School Musical took the second spot in the list with its Sing It game, that came in for criticism for being bundled with just one microphone when there "are lots of duets" while first person shooter Assassin's Creed was voted the third worst game for "Poor mission structure - same thing again and again".

Other games that made the list included Mario Party and the Nintendo DS game Imagine Babies.

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Jon Appleyard, games spokesperson for Reevoo said: "It shows that beyond the flashy titles and packaging there are some games that are more snooze-worthy than sofa-worthy. Let's face it - virtual nappy changing and maths homework are never going to be winners."

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