When your studio's very first game is Minecraft, the monumentally successful indie classic that went on to sell millions and inspire extreme devotion in gamers around the globe, what could you possibly follow up with? For Mojang, the answer is Scrolls, a game that ditches Minecraft's 8-bit world building in favor of cartoonish, Magic: The Gathering-esque collectable card slinging.

After years of toil (and a since-settled lawsuit from Bethesda), Scrolls is finally shaping up into near-final form. Mojang just rolled out the game's launch trailer and has set a firm launch date for the Scrolls open beta: June 3, exactly one week from today.

As with Minecraft, Mojang plans to allow gamers into the world of Scrolls before the game is actually completed, then add new features via updates as the game pushes onwards towards gold status. If the video teases your taste, an About page on the Scrolls website explains the game even further.

Look for Scrolls to land on Windows and OS X for $20.