This morning's Top Story is the news that Cave is discounting a number of its popular titles and donating the proceeds from some to the Japanese relief effort.

Following the trend of a number of other publishers, Cave is holding a limited-time sale event to help the Japan relief effort. iPhone game Mushihimesama Bug Panic will be available for $0.99 between April 9 and 17. Upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Nin2-Jump will be discounted to 400 points until June. The proceeds from these titles will go straight to the Red Cross aid effort for Japan.

Top Story: Save big on Cave titles and help Japan

Cave is also discounting its stunning iPhone bullet hell shooter Do-Don-Pachi Resurrection to $4.99 between the same dates, and if its companion title EspGaluda 2 gets enough votes in the OpenFeint Fire Sale (via the OpenFeint official app) that will also drop in price to $4.99 temporarily. Proceeds from these titles are not going to the Red Cross.

Cave's shooters are a distinctive breed and a great gateway into the world of Japanese bullet hell games. They're also possibly the most cheerful games ever made about things exploding. It's worth noting, though, that first-generation iOS hardware laughs in your face when you try and run them due to the significant memory requirements -- you'll need an iPhone 3GS/second-generation iPod touch or better to be able to enjoy them as intended.

The upcoming XBLA-based Nin2-Jump, conversely, is something of a departure for Cave, seeing them branching out into the world of platform action games. It does, however, look set to include a nigh on incomprehensible scoring system as usual, though, so fans of the company's past work should be happy.

Japan was rocked by another earthquake yesterday, so picking up one of these titles is a great way to show your support to those affected.