The good men and women at Rovio must be in particularly good spirits recently. 

Not content with lowering the price of their hugely successful Angry Birds HD app, they've now released an update that fixes bugs and gives users 15 more levels to ping their birds through.

The most notable news from this update is that Rovio claim to have solved the lengthy loading time problem that some users were experiencing as well as adding the new collectable jules to the 15 bonus levels.

It's not quite the perfect day for Angry Birds fans though, as the 1.6.2 update is only available for people who are Angry Bird-ing on their iPhones. Windows and Android users are still stuck with the 1.6.1 update for the time being. However the Rovio gang seem to be in such high spirits of late, that we can't imagine you waiting too long before they share the love.