Nintendo's announced that a new Metallic Rose Nintendo DSi XL is coming to an Amazon/Target/Best Buy/Fry's/Wal-Mart near you, retailing at $169.99.

What's wrong with that sentence?

If it's the fact a Nintendo DSi XL costs the exact same as a Nintendo 3DS, you've hit the nail on the head. After all the price drops, deals, and free games that have gone into selling the 3DS, wouldn't it make sense for Nintendo's newest portable system to not cost as much as 17-month-old redesign of a two-year, 10-month-old system? Actually, make that five years and five months, if you consider the DS Lite the last actual significant hardware change in the entire DS family.

Maybe Justin says it best:

"There's no reason the DSi XL should cost more than a f***ing Wii."

[Source: Ripten]

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