Special guest Tim Rogers joins Kat, Justin and Ray to discuss Dragon Quest's rich history as our celebration of the 25th anniversary continues!

It's the 25th anniversary of Dragon Quest, and that means that there's a bit more RolePlayers' Realm on tap than usual. One episode more, to be precise.

For our celebration of the series, we've invited contributor Tim Rogers, who's known for his (unique) work over at both Action Button and Kotaku. He's also been a Dragon Quest fan pretty much since Day 1, as have Ray and Justin, and they all have a lot of interesting insights on the early days of the series.

As for me, I'm a relative newcomer to the series, having starting with Dragon Quest V. However, I've been consistently impressed with its light touch and emotional stories, as well as its always excellent mechanics. Much as it's been accused of sticking to the same formula over the years, it's always done a good job of mixing unique ideas (see DQ IX's co-op mechanics) with its own particular brand of whimsy to stay fresh.

So pray have a listen, and then check out the rest of the Week of Dragon Quest, which covers everything from the art to the monsters. We'll be wrapping it all up tomorrow, after which I'm going to take a nice, long Memorial Day weekend.

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Episode Breakdown: Download it now!

0:00 | Theme & Introduction

0:30 | Dragon Quest I - V w/ Kat, Ray, Justin & Tim Rogers

30:40 | Musical Interlude: Track 09 (Dragon Quest OST)

31:10 | Dragon Quest VI - IX w/ Kat, Ray, Justin & Tim Rogers

01:02:30 | Musical Interlude: Track 06 (Dragon Quest OST)

01:03:00 | Outtro & Next Episode