LA Noire looks like it's going to be kind of a big deal, and Rockstar is certainly helping keep the game's profile up.

The LA Noire marketing machine has started its engines, with TV spots and sponsorship deals making an appearance all over the place. MCV reports that the game is enjoying a significant - and expensive - marketing push in the UK in particular.

The game is currently the sponsor for the Sky Movies Crime and Thriller channel on satellite TV and has numerous video on demand ads for UK services Sky Anytime, Box Office, 4OD and Blinkbox. TV spots are also scheduled to appear during high-profile Champions League soccer matches.

Alongside TV, a variety of websites including IGN, GameSpot, MSN and Empire magazine will be seeing a variety of online ads, and print media isn't escaping the marketing machine, either, with a cover placement on London newspaper the Evening Standard and prominent spots in daily papers The Guardian and The Times. And even the London Underground is getting involved, with a three-week poster campaign.

You can expect a similar marketing push across the States, as Rockstar claims that L.A. Noire will be "the blockbuster entertainment event for 2011, and another groundbreaking and exciting release from Rockstar."

As part of the transmedia marketing push, Rockstar has also released the latest in its range of L.A. Noire-inspired short stories. Hell of an Affair by Duane Swierczynski features L.A. Noire character William Shelton in "a headlong collision with the wrong side of the law."

L.A. Noire is out on May 17 for Xbox 360 and PS3.