Speaking with Kotaku yesterday, a Rockstar spokesperson reportedly said that "[L.A. Noire] isn't complete yet." This despite the five downloadable cases that have been released since the game's launch along with various extra suits and guns.

Rockstar previously said that entire desks such as Burglary had been cut from the game in order to get it released and squeezed onto disc. It's possible that the company is planning on re-introducing these parts of the game as further DLC at a later date -- perhaps as a large-scale expansion, though the spokesperson didn't go into detail. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Rockstar Pass won't cover this future content, though.

How do all of you who have bought L.A. Noire feel now, though, knowing you've purchased a game for full price which Rockstar knew very well was not, in its own words, "complete?"