Resistance: Fall of Man, the popular PS3 (Playstation 3) alien-shooting game that triggered controversy by setting a particularly bloody scene inside a facsimile of Manchester Cathedral, has been nominated for a Bafta - and the Church ain't happy.

Bafta, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, has named Resistance: Fall of Man in the PC World Gamers' Award category, a publicly voted award. But the Dean of Manchester has demanded that the Playstation 3 game be removed from the list.

"Bafta should not be seen condoning such behaviour unless they are saying it is acceptable for producers to walk into historic buildings and film interiors, ignoring contracts, rights and liability," he said.

Which is all very well. Except that it's none of his business.

Yes, even the ungodly among us thought it was pretty low of Sony to slaughter hundreds of fictional aliens in a thinly veiled version of the cathedral - but the firm apologised, and that was that. If the C of E didn't think that was good enough, it should have taken action at the time. Ungraciously trying to scupper any awards the game may (possibly undeservedly) pick up smacks of outdated irrationality.

In other authoritarian game censorship news, Manhunt 2 has failed in its bid for UK reclassification. The maker has vowed to appeal against the decision.

And quite right too. If these people get their way, we'll all be playing video games with no sacrilege or violence at all. And frankly, where's the fun in that?

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[Via The Times]