Those eagerly awaiting Insomniac's latest shootathon will be pleased to know that early access to the game's beta is coming very soon, assuming you've got an invite from specially marked packages of SOCOM 4. Redeem the code via the PlayStation Store on August 4 and you'll be able to access the beta.

Following this, European PlayStation Plus subscribers will be let in on August 10, followed by North American Plus subscribers on August 23.

For those who don't have a copy of SOCOM 4, a European PlayStation Plus account or a North American PlayStation Plus account, never fear: Insomniac claims that there will be "additional ways to get in" closer to the game's September release date, and the company will also be giving away some early access codes via its Twitter and Facebook pages.

The beta will offer two maps: the Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales; and the Trainyard in Bogota, Colombia. Two out of the five game modes will be available: Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction. The game's levelling system and weapon upgrade system will be in place, but it will be capped at level 20, so there will be plenty of surprises saved for the full retail release.

While you wait, why not give the companion web game a try?

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