Generally speaking, download-only titles on the Xbox fall under either the Xbox Live Arcade category, in which case they get 200 Gamerscore worth of Achievements; or the Xbox Indie Games Marketplace, in which case they don't get any Achievements at all. However, due to the fact that the downloadable Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 HD remakes are getting retail releases in Japan, they're getting categorized as Games on Demand rather than XBLA releases. This means, among other things, that they get a full 1000G of Achievements rather than the expected 200.

Oddly enough, though, Code Veronica only features 12 individual Achievements -- the same as an XBLA title, only they're worth considerably more points than individual awards in XBLA titles. There's a full list here -- but be warned, they contain some mild story spoilers if you've never played Code Veronica before.

Given that all but one of the Code Veronica Achievements are awarded for completing mandatory story events, grabbing these awards isn't going to be much of a challenge outside of what the game already offers. And if you care about your ultimately meaningless Gamerscore figure, Code Veronica at least should offer 1000 easy points to pick up. RE4's Achievements don't seem to have surfaced yet.

The best thing about the titles supposedly being released via Games on Demand, though? No farting around with Microsoft Points. Pay the money, get your game, the way it should be -- no stupid "small change" being left in your account.

The Resident Evil HD versions are due out later this year. No word on pricing yet.

Source: Game Informer

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