It feels weird saying this, but I think that Way Forward technologies is probably one of the most underrated video game developers in the business.

Sure, that's a bold statement coming from the reviewer who gave their surprisingly competent Thor DS game an "average" score, but these guys are pretty good at the 2D gameplay thing. After all, they're breathing new life into Bloodrayne, and have a pretty cool-looking Aliens game on the way. Speaking of which, did you ever play Shantae: Risky's Revenge?

If you didn't, you're about to get another chance to experience it on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Trust me. It's pretty damn good.

In fact, Touch Arcade talked to the devs about it at their website:

Let's pretend that the entire iOS audience hasn't had a chance to see Shantae: Risky's Revenge on the DS' digital store. What is it and what makes it so awesome?

Shantae: Risky's Revenge is a modern day sequel to the Game Boy Color classic Shantae, originally distributed by Capcom. In it, players guide a hair-whipping, belly dancing genie on her quest to defeat Risky Boots, a sexy pirate who's determined to rule the world. Nintendo fans will notice the influence of Zelda, Castlevania, and Metroid right off the bat. There are puzzle-filled dungeons, gigantic bosses, magical upgrades, and a humorously flirty-girty storyline. Having developed 3rd party Nintendo titles for over 20 years, we've got a good handle on this kind of thing.

What do you hope new fans or consumers will get out this particular version of the game?

I hope players will get a kick out of our bizarre sense of humor and appreciate core gameplay fundamentals, maybe fall in love with the characters too. But mostly, we're just happy to have a stage to entertain on.

I've read that WayForward often uses Shantae to demonstrate its abilities with new technology. We're all under the impression that this is a cohesive and whole game, but is Risky's Revenge iOS a sign that more is to come from the studio on this platform?

Yes, we've done that a lot in the past, and this is indeed a full product. I think with this title, we're officially on every popular platform out there. As to whether or not there's more to come? Probably. But rather than porting something akin to a $29.99 retail game, we'd more likely make something specific to iOS from the get go. Right now we're extremely jazzed to bring Shantae: Risky's Revenge to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

[Source: Touch Arcade]