As a thank you to all of the fans who supported Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar's Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack will be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 13th. The pack includes 8 new characters and 11 maps --all free to download and enjoy. Now you can finally play as the unsung heroes of the game, the Laurel and Hardy of the old West, the brave and reliable Deputies Eli and Jonah. Here's hoping that someday Rockstar decides in their infinite wisdom to give these two their own side campaign.

Maps/Modes (bolded locations are brand new to multiplayer)

Cochinay -- Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout, Stronghold

Nekoti Rock -- Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout

El Presidio -- Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout

Plainview -- Gold Rush, Shootout, Gang Shootout

Gaptooth Mine -- Shootout, Gang Shootout

Pike's Basin -- Shootout, Gang Shootout

Rio Bravo -- Shootout, Gang Shootout

Perdido -- Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag

Benedict Point -- Hold Your Own, Grab the Bag

Beecher's Hope -- Stronghold

Torquemada -- Stronghold

Armadillo -- Stronghold

Chuparosa -- Stronghold

Tumbleweed - Stronghold

New Multiplayer Characters:

Landon Ricketts

Vicente DeSanta

Drew MacFarlane

Deputy Eli

Deputy Jonah

Javier Esquella