Red Dead Redemption was universally lauded as an excellent game upon its release last year. Since then, it has played host to a wide variety of downloadable addon content for both its single player and multiplayer modes. Now, the original game and all that content is being collected together in a special Game of the Year edition, set to release in North America on October 11 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? for $49.99.

The pack includes the original Red Dead Redemption game with a "brand new hardcore single player mode" along with the Undead Nightmare single player campaign and multiplayer modes. On top of this, it also includes the Legends and Killers, Liars and Cheats and Hunting and Trading Outfits packs along with the Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack, the Solomon's Folly single player gang hideout and challenges and the recently released Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack. There will also be a selection of new preorder content available, including a Deadly Assassin Outfit, a War Horse and a Golden Guns Weapon Pack.

For those who haven't yet played the game -- or even for those who haven't bought any of the DLC and want to get it all in one convenient bundle -- this sounds like an excellent deal. Keep an eye on the official website for further information on preordering and release information as it gets closer to October 11.

Still no news on a PC version, though.