As unearthed by "internet extraordinaire" and all-around web wizard Superannuation, Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream may have a couple of new properties in the works -- one of them quite old. As reported earlier this year, the name "Fiv5" showed up in a both a domain and a European trademark registered by the studio; this second one, "Infraworld," has appeared as a US trademark filed by SCEE. Infraworld, which was a cancelled potential franchise that Quantic Dream had planned to develop alongside Omikron 2/Karma, also appeared briefly as an Easter egg in last year's Heavy Rain, and was rather recently listed on a Quantic Dream employee's LinkedIn profile.

Details were scarce back when Infraworld was first announced, but if it is seeing a resurrection, we'll be anxious to see how the concept has adapted to not only the advances in console technology in recent years, but the visual advances pioneered by Quantic Dream's most recent interactive drama.

[Source: Joystiq]