Considering that the hype levels over the PlayStation 3 and Wii next-generation consoles – from Sony and Nintendo respectively – have already been cranked up to maximum, it's something of a relief to see that there's still room for the less pervasive handheld games consoles.

The PSP (PlayStation Portable) in particular had its share of bad press recently, when the company projected lower sales this year, the PSP's second full year on the market. One thing that may help arrest that decline, however, is the belated arrival of two long-awaited peripherals for the PSP.

Both were on show today as the Tokyo Game Show opened in Chiba, east of Tokyo.

The first, a ¥5,000 (about £22) digital camera add-on called Chotto Shotto (Quick Snap), is due to go on sale on 2 November in Japan. The 1.3Mp (megapixel) swivelling camera is housed in a shiny chrome case that attaches to the mini USB slot at the top of the PSP. While no games exist that make use of the camera yet, the supplied software allows users to take shots of themselves or others and add simple graphics.

The second accessory is a ¥6,000 (£27) GPS receiver that works in conjunction with four software titles initially – a golf-course guide and shot advisor, a car-navigation package, a star-gazing application and a new version of Metal Gear Solid. The GPS unit also connects via the PSP's USB port and will go on sale in Japan on 7 December.

UK prices and availability have yet to be announced.