In a recent post on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony's Patrick Seybold has detailed the company's much anticipated Customer Appreciation Plan in North America following the PlayStation Network's unfortunate network intrusion.

The program will extend to all PSN and Qriocity users in the US and Canada shortly after the services are fully functional. PS3 users will be able to choose two free PS3 games from the following selection:

* Dead Nation


* LittleBigPlanet

* Super Stardust HD

* Wipeout HD + Fury

PlayStation Portable owners can opt for two of the following PSP games:

* LittleBigPlanet (PSP)

* ModNation Racers

* Pursuit Force

* Killzone Liberation

Additional perks to let you know that, girl, Sony never meant to hurt you, include a weekend's worth of complimentary video rentals, 30 days of PSN Plus, an additional 30 days of PSN Plus for those already subscribed, an additional 30 days (plus time lost) for Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscribers and/or trial users, and 100 free virtual items -- plus upcoming free content -- for PlayStation Home.

So, if you're not too busy resetting your PSN password, yay! Free stuff to look forward to while you run your credit checks!

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