Brace yourself gamers, this news might hit you hard. Sony is considering bringing game-freezing adverts to all of its consoles. (See also: How to watch PlayStation 4 launch live and watch the event live here: PS4 launch: live.) UPDATE: see our story - PS4 launching Holidays 2013 full details.

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Shocking news isn't it? Picture yourself on the digital beaches of Normandy or in the middle of killings scores of virtual terrorists in Afghanistan and all of a sudden your game freezes and you're shown a trailer of the new Guy Ritchie film. Sounds horrific, doesn't it? See also PS4 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

Well that's exactly what Sony have just submitted an patent application for. 'Advertisement scheme for use with interactive content' is what the patent application is called to be more precise.

We've taken a quick look at how Sony foresees the game-freezing advert working and it's not pretty. Visit GTA 5 release date, features, maps and rumours.

Step one

First of all, the game will flash up a small text warning that "interactive content will be suspended" and the game will slow down.

Step two

"Suspending playing of the interactive content"

Step three

The advertisement will then run for an unconfirmed period of time.

Step four

Your game will then rewind a certain amount and then play will resume where you left off.

game freezing adverts

There is little information available at present as to whether Sony intends to use this technology in premium paid-for games for the PS3 and the PS4 when it's released. Or instead for the growing number of free app-style/arcade games that are being downloaded on smartphones, tablets and Xbox currently. See the full patent application here.

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